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Water stable isotopes in the hydrological cycle

16. - 18. October 2017 - Hotel "Saigerhöh", Black Forest, Germany





The 2017 EGU Leonardo Conference will focus on the topic of stable water isotopes in the hydrological cycle. With the advent of new observation technologies, the potential and use of water stable isotopes in hydrology and related disciplines has changed rapidly. We can now observe stable isotopes of water in most of the hydrological systems at a high spatial and often also temporal resolution, allowing new possibilities to trace water, understand hydrological systems and further develop hydrological models using these signatures to improve model structures and calibration. Consequently, flow paths estimation, water flux quantification, or new model developments for dynamic transit times of water in different hydrological systems has advanced in the recent years.

This conference will bring together researcher working with stable water isotopes from different disciplines to increase interaction among disciplines and to initiate new approaches and ideas by this interaction pushing the forefront of understanding ecohydrological processes or other question relating the different disciplines. The conference will be structured into four topics:

  • Analytical developments and monitoring systems
  • Water fluxes, transport and transit times
  • Ecohydrological processes
  • Water balance and climate models


The conference is limited to 120 participants.

The registration fee (approx. 450.- €) will include the conference,
accommodation and meals
from 16. until 18. 10. 2017 (2 nights, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner, 2 x breakfast)